ARCHIDEX 2017 - Testimonial


Jenifer Sayco, Product Manager of Ekous / Textura Wall (Green Dot Award)
Ekous has been providing solutions not only for Malaysia but across Asia Pacific for more than 3 years now and Textura Wall has been launched a few months ago, and this is one of the milestones that is anticipated by the architects and designers in the market, so I hope with this award, designers can explore more and treat this wall as their Picasso wall and that is something that we are looking forward to. 

Albert Lim, Business Development Manager of Mamorim / Insulation Cork Board (Green Dot Award) 
Like it or not we are having the same challenge as the whole world and any part of the globe is facing which is global warming, the only way to curb global warming is by going green, and what it means to go green is that we can have the aesthetic values by not cutting the tree but by only removing the tree bark. I don’t see any other product out there such as this that will be able to give such advantages.

Ar. Chris Yap Seng Chye, President of Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID)
When you have regional exchange such as Archidex with the captains of the industries from different countries, you bring together with you the cultural experience and your design experiences. You learn about each other’s countries and the legislation process of the design which is importantbecause for the profession of architecture and interior design, both are legislated professions in Malaysia. So the region have to be aware of what each country is doing.

Josep Delicado, Managing Director, Roca / In Wash Alba (New Product Award Winner)
This type of product (In Wash Alba) takes more than 20 months to develop, a lot of technologies are involved, it needs to be tested in the markets, it’s a lot of effort. So we are very happy and we also extend our congratulations to our people in the factory, in the assembly line, it’s an award basically for them!

Jared Teo, Business Development Manager of Genisis Technology / Cellulose Spray (Green Dot Award)

We’ve spend a lot of time and money travelling overseas to find the latest technology and find the best technology for our company. The green initiative ecosystem in Malaysia is not as advanced as other countries. We hope than more support can be given in terms of incentive of grant for green building, green business or green environment.

Albert Chan, Managing Director of Infinity Art / Motolux by Forma Lighting (New Product Award)
Winning this award certainly brings the awareness of this product up front, way up front, and we also happen to be the first in the market to bring this to Malaysia. So this will really give us a stronger footing in the market. Of course with the strong support of our partners here, from Forma Lighting, we have great confidence that this product will go a long way.

James G. Jao, President of The Philippines Institute of Interior Designers National 

An exhibition like ARCHIDEX is big help when it comes to networking and creating links between the suppliers, traders and manufacturers to architects and designers. We can bring ideas to the region. Looking at what we have here at ARCHIDEX, besides the green building technology and the seminars, I think we can learn more about new materials and technologies that we can apply to our architectures.

Lea Aviliani Aziz, President of Indonesian Society of Interior Designers
This is actually my first time at ARCHIDEX, but architects from Indonesia have been frequenting the event. For me as a designer, the exhibition at ARCHIDEX is inspiring for all our projects. Especially now in Indonesia, 75% of all projects belong to the government. So the government is developing buildings and especially transportation. So here we can see ideas that are inspiring to all our projects.

Alok Ghose, Managing Director & Commercial Leader for Lighting, Philips Malaysia 
ARCHIDEX is the most apt environment for us because this is meant for all stakeholders that is relevant to the architectural industry. What we are showcasing here is some of our new breakthrough solutions where we are integrating light with certain materials which is very much applicable to the target audience of ARCHIDEX.

Jeffrey Chong, Director of Rev Interactive 
ARCHIDEX is the right platform to showcase our products because it has the right target audience. There are architects, interior designers, contractors and the corporate segment. This is exactly why we are here.

Sally Cheng, Sales and Services General Manager of Niro Ceramic
The reason why we are here is because the crowd here is mainly our target market. We mainly try to work with a lot of architects, developers and builders. So being here at Archidex actually helped us a lot in the area of brand awareness.

Lillian Tay, Convenor for PAM DATUM Conference 
ARCHIDEXand KLAF is obviously a yearly event which is also a meeting point for the architectural fraternity and also the building industry. There’s been a lot of intense growth and a lot of big projects. The city has transformed, spaces are getting smaller, will there then be space for better quality of life. That’s what we explored at ARCHIDEX and KLAF.

Yap Yew Peng, Director of Y Architect 
I think the KLAF and ARCHIDEX have branded itself really well this year. They managed to bring together 3 or 4 different themes. The exhibitions are eye-openers because they put together things that are new and quite cutting edge. You actually learn a lot by visiting ARCHIDEX.